Tech Tutorial: Learning Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – Complete Playlist

The modern web page is something to behold. The complex design, the color, the movement, and the interaction are all a result of developers and designers skilled in the art of CSS. In this technical tutorial series, you will learn the basics of CSS in preparation for diving deep and creating beautiful web page designs.

Tech Tutorial: Learning Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – Episode 15: Responsive Design and Media Queries

With the creation of smartphones, the internet has been flooded with small mobile devices over the last decade. These small devices have screens that are varying in size both vertically and horizontally when compared to standard computer monitor sizes. It is due to this that modern web designers and web developers’ task of creating web-based applications have become extremely complex.

It is the duty of both the designer and the developer to make sure that their user interfaces (HTML+CSS) work flawlessly on not only desktop and laptop computers, but on as many mobile devices as possible. To help accomplish this, the responsive design paradigm was created and media queries were introduced into CSS.

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