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As a Computer Scientist, I have seen the benefits being in the Software Development and Information Systems fields have afforded my family: job stability, job opportunity, variety, satisfaction, work-life balance, and amazing salaries. I believe more K-12 students not only deserve the opportunity to learn about computer science & information technology before reaching college, they should also be well informed of the opportunity that abounds therein. Even more important is that all students have a better understanding of what computer science is; that it is not just sitting at a computer in a dark room programming, rather that it permeates all fields of employment and can be infused into any passion a student may have: agriculture, aviation, aerospace, automotive, health sciences, naval sciences, film & media arts, geology & geophysics, etc.

As a College Instructor, I have had first-hand experience working with students fresh out of high school and I have seen just how lacking their understanding of technology really is. To effect change on this front I volunteer and teach K-12 teachers computer science and information technology with the goal of helping them understand the current technologies they should be teaching, as well as how to teach those technologies in a fun and engaging way so that more students are excited by and choose computer science/information technology as their chosen field of study; or at the very least, infuse it into passions they may have for another field of study.

UACTE Awards

The ACTE Excellence Awards recognize individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to CTE, programs that exemplify the highest standards and organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand CTE programs. Award winners serve as inspirational leaders to ACTE: they embody the core values of serving their students and being committed to CTE.

The following awards are a great honor to receive as a result of volunteer efforts that so many individuals like myself provide on a daily basis. They were unexpected and amazing, but the true heroes are our high school instructors who do so much with so little, and under such constraints over which they really have no control. From my point of view, they all truly deserve our praise and appreciation.

27073406_10215438014563443_8305100349174041541_nUACTE Business Leader of the Year 2018

This year, I was nominated and awarded the UACTE Business Leader of the Year Award. This award was the result of almost four years of volunteering at UACTE Summer and Winter Conferences for CTE instructors from high schools all over the state of Utah.

At these conferences, I teach 3-4 hour-long instructional sessions on various current technologies as requested by the conference organizers.

Realizing that high school teachers have very little time not only to learn the new technologies they need to teach, but also little time to build technology curriculum, I have created a git repository of technology curriculum that I provide to all instructors that attend my sessions to help them with their own curriculum development.

Session list:

  • Bootstrap UI for the Web
  • GIT Source Control: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe
  • Full Stack JavaScript Web Development
  • Introduction to Node.js
  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming
  • Introduction to GIT Distributed Source Control
  • Introduction to Mobile Application Development in iOS
  • Intermediate Mobile Application Development in iOS with Data and JSON API Integration
2018-02-08 UACTE IT Division Champion of YearUACTE IT Division UITEA Champion of the Year 2017-2018

This award was a result of the same efforts explained above but was specific to the IT division within the UACTE, as my efforts applied primarily to the success of IT within CTE education in high school education.

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