Wedding Ring

My wife is beautiful, smart, witty, passionate, and caring – with just enough sass to keep things interesting. I knew the day I met her that she was one of a kind, and that type of uniqueness deserved an engagement ring + wedding bands that were second to none. Being who I am, I started right away designing a custom ring that incorporated my style of “doodling” and made an immediate statement to all that looked upon it.

I had the ring cast by a local jeweler who actually allowed me to assist him in putting together the wax molds that were used in the lost wax method of casting the white gold. It was a once in a lifetime educational experience, learning first-hand all the intricate steps in ring making, and gave the ring a deeper significance.

If you look closely, the complete ring is broken into three separate rings:

  • The central band is the engagement ring and it holds the large marque diamond that has been set in the middle of an eternity symbol. The diamond symbolizes our love, which is the core of a happy and eternal marriage.
  • The two bands that run on each side of the engagement band each hold a smaller, traditional round diamond, as well as an additional design that overlaps from the small band to the engagement band. The two round diamonds represent my wife and myself; two elements that alone are insignificant, but when joined together create a powerful force that is greater than the sum of its parts – true love. The overlapping design brings both bands onto the engagement band and forms a unified wedding ring.

Early 2016, I got the itch to make something and, as luck would have it, my wife’s birthday was just around the corner. I decided I wanted to learn how to make necklaces and chokers (my wife’s favorite) so I jumped online and researched techniques in depth, digesting all the information I could on jewelry making. Then one day after work I headed over to our local Michaels craft store and stocked up on the tools and supplies used in jewelry making.

I believe I spent a week imaging, sketching, and then creating jewelry from scratch. I ended up with the five pieces displayed below:

Ring Designs

As is evident in all my many designs, I really like curves, circles, angles, and swooshes that come to a point; all of these artistic elements work well in the designing of rings, being that rings are circles and all. As I doodled during meetings or while watching television, I often found myself designing rings. If you look closely you can see some of the inspirational doodles that were used as reference points for the design of my wife’s wedding ring.

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