What are people saying about Tim

To date I have been called a lot of things, those most worth noting are as follows: Skilled Communicator, Team Player, Task Oriented, Dedicated, Dependable, Reliable, Self-directed Learner, Detail Oriented, and sometimes Obsessive Compulsive.

Despite the fact I usually discount any mention of the above in casual conversation, deep down I believe my personality encompasses a bit of all of them. I have a very strong sense of who I am and what I want out of life. Due to my moral upbringing my sense of work ethic and integrity have hardened to stone and do not slacken at the first sign of stress. I can be counted on to deliver what is promised when promised.

But what I have to say about myself is by far less convincing than that which has been said by my peers:

“Tim is one of the most talented developers I have ever worked with. He is an extremely hard worker and is detail oriented. Tim is very easy to work with and an excellent communicator.”

“Tim is a highly intelligent and creative software professional. He is a friend and an inspiration. I have worked with Tim on several projects as a fellow team member and as a business partner and have great respect for his development and interpersonal skills. He strives for excellence in every area of his life and is a successful software professional, husband and father.
Tim would be an exceptional asset to any team.”

“Tim is a superb problem-solver. He is excellent at discovering the core of a problem and using the resources around him to find a solution. He is a very talented software developer who is able to meet and cope with tight deadlines. He is dedicated, hard-working, and I would be hard-pressed to find another person I would rather have as a partner, team member, or developer.”

“Tim is an energetic, result driven individual. He works wonderfully in a team environment and is always looking for a way to contribute. He has superior technical knowledge and the capacity to learn new concepts. Tim works well with people and has the ability to explain complex concepts in a way that everyone can understand. Tim was a great person to work with and I would not hesitate to work anywhere with Tim again.”

Academic Experience

In late 2006 I graduated from Neumont University at the top of my class, honored summa cud laude, and was the Valedictorian giving the commencement speech to my graduating class. I received my degree after completing an extremely rigorous accelerated program in which a standard 4 year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree was taught over the course of 2 years. To give you an idea of the intensity, I attended courses 8 hours a day and completed 4-6 hours of homework a night for 24 consecutive months. In the end, my cumulative GPA was 3.9125.     

In 2010, my work took me abroad and deep into southeast Asia. I was contacted by one of my old Neumont professors who was at the time working for INTI Laureate International Universities (a Laureate International University) as their CIO. He asked that I come assist them in bringing their current hardware infrastructure up to date as well as replace their software systems with custom built solutions of my own design. As part of the contract I was offered the chance to earn a Masters of Science in Information Technology. Unfortunately, with only a few completed courses, I came home before I was able to complete the degree. This was due to the quick timeframes in which, projects vital to my purpose there, were completed as well as changes in the corporate IT initiatives and direction. Ever since, it has been my goal to finish what I started, and obtain a Masters of Science in Technology.

Professional Experience

I am currently a Professor at Neumont University, teaching various Computer Science courses. As a Professor I spend the majority of my time teaching interactive material which have a project based group learning focus. In addition I spend a large part of my time assisting students one on one with understanding the course material and concepts.

Prior to Neumont, I served as Chief Software Architect and (Interim) Chief Information Officer for INTI Laureate International Universities. As Chief Software Architect I designed and oversaw the development and integration of various core business information systems: Accounting/Bookkeeping, CRM (Client Relationship Management System), LMS (Learning Management System), SIS (Student Information System). As CIO I managed the whole of INTI’s IT; encompassing 8 university campuses which spanned 2 countries: Malaysia and Indonesia.   

For StayWell Interactive I was promoted from Developer/Analyst to Senior Developer, then on to Application Architect. As Architect I managed 4 of the business’s core revenue generating systems. My duties included the management of development teams, quality assurance teams, application/software design, development, testing, deployment, as well as the infrastructure on which those systems run.

I have also been a Ruby on Rails Developer, a Senior Web Developer/DBA, Solutions Architect, Web Designer, and a 3D modeler.