Mix10: Move from Web Site to Web API with OData

We have moved from the original notion of a Web Site to what is now called a Web API.
Open Data Protocol – OData
Netflix just announced they have added a new API to their services using the OData protocol.

VS2010: Has an OData visualizer plugin
OData libraries are available for various platforms. No longer do you need to create proxies to attach to custom services you can simply use the OData library targeting the platform for which you are developing. There is an OData library for the iPhone. SharePoint 2010 is moving all lists to OData Atom feeds. Excel 2010 will now use OData services for Pivot tables and calculations. Microsoft has moved tons of products to implement or consume the OData protocol.
.Net OData library has been released under the Apache license and is available today for all to use. www.odata.org to get implemented libraries for various platforms.

Mix10: VS2010 Supports Multi-Monitor and a Lot More!

Microsoft announces that VS2010 now fully supports

  • multi-monitors from one instance of VS, you can now pull out your code file from VS to one of your other monitors, no longer do you have to switch between markup and code files.
  • Add richer code visualizations
  • multiple web.config files for each of your environments (sooooo very cool)
  • integrated deployments tools for packaging and deploying applications to each of your environments
  • Search for library objects by using Pascal based notation (use TIM to find ThisIsMyOwnObject)
  • Sequence Diagrams showing exactly how your methods are being called
  • Clean URLs called Routing

ASP.net WebForms

  • Now includes new controls such as charts and data
  • all controls output clean markup
  • everything is stylable within the control markup
  • Better, more accurate, and responsive intellisense within markup files

JQuery Script Templates are actual HTML markup with Data-Binding expressions within that markup stored in script tags identified by a template name in the pages markup. These templates are used by JQuery and are populated on the client side on the return of AJAX calls to the server or services. 

  • JQuery is available on Microsoft’s CDN so you don’t have to host them yourself
  • Microsoft will be contributing code
  • Microsoft will be contributing QA resources
  • Microsoft will be contributing plugins
  • JQuery has a 30% market share across the web
  • Dynamic script loading based on dependencies

Mix10: IE9 Supports HTML5 with Hardware Acceleration

Microsoft announces that IE9 will support HTML5 and make it super fast through the use of hardware acceleration. JavaScript will be compiled in the background on one of your computer’s spare CPUs.
IE9 will use your computer’s GPU to run HTML5 effects, graphic manipulation, SVG (1.1) XML markup rendering, SVG transparency, JavaScript physics engines, text rendering, pixel alignment. This rendering engine has been built from the ground up using the DirectX Engine for the hardware acceleration.
Microsoft is focusing on making sure that HTML5 script and markup works identically across all browser platforms by working together with other browser vendors as well as the standards body.