JavaScript: Design Patterns 03 – Module Pattern

Module Pattern

Solved the following problems in JavaScript

  • Creating access control to data that should be private
  • Providing a clear public API for custom libraries
  • True encapsulation that was not built into JavaScript to start with

Utilizing IIFEs to Control access

Immediately Invoked Functional Expression

// IIFE will execute and return an object literal
var myLibrary = (function(){

// Private scope as everything within the anonymous function is hidden
// Private variables
let privateData = 'this is private stuff';
// Private functions
function doSomethingPrivate(){
console.log('Just did something private.')

// The returned object contains the public API to the library
return {
doThis: function(){
console.log('This was done.');
doThat: function(){
console.log('That was done.');
Accessible because this object was created within the scope of the
anonymous function that was executed by the IIFE.


// Accessible because they are on the API object

// NOT accessible because it is hidden within the scope of the anonymous function
// doSomethingPrivate(); // Uncommenting this line will throw an error

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