Vue.js: Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to Components

A simple method for adding keyboard shortcuts to your components is to do the following:

    1. Add the ‘mounted’ lifecycle event hook to your component
    2. Add an event listener to the ‘window’ object and have it listen for the ‘keyup’ event
    3. Check for the proper keyboard key code and system modifier key (command/control, option/alt, shift, etc.) combination
    4. Execute custom logic in response

Example: here the key combination ‘alt+n’ is being checked for

 mounted: function () {
        this.$nextTick(function () {
            window.addEventListener('keyup', event => {
                if(event.altKey && event.keyCode === 78){
                    //TODO: do/call something here

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2 thoughts on “Vue.js: Adding Keyboard Shortcuts to Components

  1. Very important : do not forget to remove the listener when the component is destroyed !
    Note that you will need to define the event callback in a named function to be properly able to target the listener to be removed (the methods section of the component is a good place to define it.)

    beforeDestroy: function () {
    window.removeEventListener(‘keyup’, this.handleKeyup)


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