Mandatory Skills of a JAD Facilitator

Mandatory Skills of a JAD Facilitator

As with anyone leading a group of people, whether it be small, large, or monolithic, it is extremely important that they posses a very specific skill set. This skill set needs to be optimized for guiding, directing, and maintaining a group’s natural ebb and flow as it works together to accomplish its goals.
JAD Facilitators have a large responsibility and a great impact on the success of a JAD workshop. It is their responsibility to make sure that the workshop sticks to the schedule and agenda and that those involved are comfortable and confident in the proceedings. In order to accomplish this, they must be leaders.
Although the leader’s skilllist can be rather large and varied based on the industry, culture, or company there are some very important skills which are a must no matter what.

Lead by Example

All facilitators must provide an example to the participants. She should exemplify the values, disposition, and demeanorwhich is necessary to effectively accomplish the workshop goals.


Facilitators need to exude confidence in their mission in order to help participants acquire and maintain a proper level of confidence throughout the workshop. Confidence in the mission is extremely important, as it is the key to whether or not a workshop will be successful.


Due to the fact that all workshops are on a string schedule and must follow a tight agenda, the facilitator needs to be well organized and posses the ability to keep the workshop participants on schedule and within the agenda at all times.

Effective Communication

Because the facilitator is the focal point of the workshop and the gateway for all participants, it is mandatory that the facilitator have the ability to not only communicate but communicate at such a level that no matter the disposition of the individual with whom they are communicating, it is done well.


No matter how well planned and executed a workshop may be, humans are involved. When humans are involved there will always be conflicts and usually more than just a few. It is extremely important that a facilitator posses the ability to not only spot the beginnings of a conflict, but also be able to jump right in and help to control it. Without an outside source to help the individuals involved in the conflict come to a peaceful resolution, the majority of these conflicts end up in misunderstanding, hurt feelings, or potential physical violence. 

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