Stop a PostBack using JavaScript and the OnClientClick event

If you need to be able to update the text displayed in an control such as a LinkButton through code-behind before the page is rendered but will end up using that control to invoke client-side javascript and don’t want a PostBack to happen you can simply add “return false;” after your custom JavaScript calls in the OnClientClick event handler of the control. “return false;” actually stops the page from posting back to the server and allows your custom JavaScript to be run client-side.

<asp:LinkButton ID="lbtnVisit" runat="server" Text="» Default Text" OnClientClick="CustomScriptMethod(); return false;">

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8 thoughts on “Stop a PostBack using JavaScript and the OnClientClick event

  1. nice tip. Helped me a lot. I was trying to stop postback from linkbutton if a field entry was not valid. This gave me the idea –

    OnClientClick=”return (ValidateInput())”
    // ValidateInput must return true/false. Of course true will do the postback.


  2. This would not work… bcoz this renders as … so whether u return true or false it would always return and would never go to __doPostBack. I faced this for long and realized that the correct way was onClientClick= “if (!ValidateInput()) return false”
    This would return only when ValidateInput returns false else it would go to the next line i.e __doPostBack…

    Here check this


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