Pseudo-Pseudo Classes

If you need a common chunk of text added before content you can use Pseudo selectors to accomplish this. An example is adding a chunk of text to the front of all blockquote elements in your HTML defining the quote as belonging to a specific category.

blockquote:before { content: "Classical"; }

Or you can use pseudo selectors to add check marks to the front of all links which have been visited by the user.

a:visited { padding: 20px; background: transparent url(/images/check.png) no-repeat top left;

Here are some others you might find useful:

a:before { content:"click here"; }
a:after { content:"click here"; }
p:first-letter { font-size:20px; }

These only work in newer more advanced browsers ( down with IE6 )

a[title] { color:red; } this is how you select a tag using one of its attributes as a qualifier. In other words this selector will only apply the color red to links that have a title.

a[title=special] { color:green; } this one applies the color green to all links which have a title and that title equals “special”.

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