Silverlight 3: Using Built-in Behaviors and Triggers to Reduce Code

With the addition of Behaviors in Silverlight 3 we have the opportunity to reduce a lot of the code we write in order to create interactivity within our application. Expressions Blend 3 comes with several built-in behaviors right at your fingertips. You can find them in the Assets panel (left side) under the Behaviors group.

  • ChangePropertyAction
  • ControlStoryboardAction
  • FluidMoveBehavior
  • GoToStateAction
  • HyperlinkAction
  • MouseDragElementBehavior
  • PlaySoundAction
  • RemoveElementAction

In this example we will be building a simplistic sound playing app using the ChangePropertyAction as well as the PlaySoundAction Behaviors. By utilizing these 2 built-in Behaviors we can completely eliminate writing a single line of code.

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