C#: Type Safe ICloneable Implementation

By default the ICloneable interface defines a Clone() method which returns an object of type Object and therefore is not a type safe action. To make your implementation of the ICloneable interface type safe for the following. By adding a typed Clone() method to your class and then adding an Explicit implementation of the ICloneable.Clone() interface method which returns the results of your Clone() method the returned object will be typed correctly.

        #region Public Methods


        /// Clones this instance.



        public Program Clone()


            Program cloneProgram = new Program();

            cloneProgram.Id = Id;

            cloneProgram.Name = Name;

            cloneProgram.EnrollDate = EnrollDate;

            cloneProgram.SubmitDate = SubmitDate;

            cloneProgram.EvalDate1 = EvalDate1;

            cloneProgram.EvalDate2 = EvalDate2;

            cloneProgram.EvalDate3 = EvalDate3;

            cloneProgram.Link = Link;

            cloneProgram.Style = Style;

            cloneProgram.Behaviors = Behaviors;

            cloneProgram.Interests = Interests;

            return cloneProgram;



        #region Interface Methods


        /// Creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.



        /// A new object that is a copy of this instance.


        /// 2

        object ICloneable.Clone()


            return Clone();



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