Development Tools I Use

Applications I find extremely useful.

SlickRun: Command line utility which utilizes magic words you define to open your applications.

7-Zip: Free Open-source file compression software. Handles every compression format you need. (zip, 7-zip, rar, iso, etc.)

Agent Ransack: Free File content search utility. Searches all files of a type you specify, within a directory you specify, for a string you specify

Axialis IconWorshop Lite: Free Visual Studio 2008 plug-in allowing you to created application icons right in visual studio.

CamStudio: Free Open-Source screen capture utility. Allows you to capture video of everything happening on your screen or a selected section or window.

CCleaner: Free Computer cleaner / Registry Cleaner. Helps keep your computer clean of temp files and removes the clutter in the registry that builds up over time.

Royal TS: Free Windows Terminal Services manager. Allows you to categorize and save all of your remote desktop connection accounts in an encrypted format. Allows you to open different terminal sessions in different windows within the same application.

FileZilla: Free FTP Server/Client

FreeMind: Free Mind mapping software, helps you get our the structure of your thoughts in an organized thought tree.

KDiff3: Free File Compare Utility

Notepadd++: Free Universal note pad handling tons of languages, tons of plug-ins, very customizable

TortoiseSVN: Free Windows Explorer integrated SVN client.

TrueCrypt: Free Open-source Disk Encryption Utility.

Unlocker: Free Allows you to free files and folders which have been locked by another application without restarting your system.

IETester: Free Allows you to test web pages in multiple versions of IE (5.5, 6, 7, 8 beta) just by opening a new tab for that specific rendering engine.

Digsby: Free Messenger client which also handles email, and various social network messaging systems as well.

SimpLite: Free MSN Messenger protocol encryption software, works with many of the mainstream messaging clients as well as options for configuring non-standard ones as well.

Audacity: Free audio capture and editor for windows.

.Net Reflector: Free .Net assembly decompiler, allows you to see all the members within a given .Net compiled assembly (dll)

Expresso: Free regular expression tester.

Smart Defrag: Free real-time disk defragmentor, pretty much all the features of expensive defrag software like

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Tim Clark

Experienced Business Owner, Chief Information Officer, Vice President, Chief Software Architect, Application Architect, Project Manager, Software Developer, Senior Web Developer, Graphic Designer & 3D Modeler, University Instructor, University Program Chair, Academic Director. Specialties: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Responsive Design, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3, C#,, Project Management, System Design/Architecture, Web Design, Web Development, Adobe CS6 (Photoshop, Illustrator)

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