C# Custom Sorting using Anonymous Methods and the Comparer Generic

Quick and Concise sorting without all the extra code or bother of implementing custom sorting through interfaces, sound impossible? Here we will use a generic list full of a custom object type of our defining and we will sort it using Anonymous Methods and the generic Comparer class provided for us by the .Net framework.

Custom Class:

public class Book


public string ISBN { get; set; }

public string Title { get; set; }

public int Volume { get; set; }


On the Fly Sorting:


List library = new List();

//Add a bunch of books to the library collection here

//Sort the library alphabetically by Title

library.Sort( delegate (Book bookOne, Book bookTwo)


return Comparer.Default.Compare(bookOne.Title, bookTwo.Title);


//Sort the library by Volume number

library.Sort( delegate (Book bookOne, Book bookTwo)


return Comparer.Default.Compare(bookOne.Volume, bookTwo.Volume);



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