Work-Around Browser Cache when it comes to Profile Images

If you allow users to change their profile pictures or if there are images which are frequently updated by users and those images use a standard name you can work-around browser caching by adding a version number to the image name when it is saved to the disk and stored in a database.

      //Set the image path.
      if (fileUpload.HasFile)
          string imageFilePath = PortalSettings.HomeDirectoryMapPath;
          string imageName = USER_IMAGE + "." + 0 + ".jpg";
          if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(location.UserImagePath))
            //Find out what version the current file is at
            string[] parts = location.UserImagePath.Split('.');
            if (parts.Length == 3)
              int version = int.Parse(parts[1]);
              int nextVersion = version + 1;
              imageName = USER_IMAGE + "." + nextVersion + ".jpg";

              string oldImagePath = imageFilePath + location.UserImagePath.Remove(0, 1);
              if (System.IO.File.Exists(oldImagePath))

          fileUpload.SaveAs(imageFilePath + imageName);
          location.UserImagePath = "/" + imageName;
          imgUserImage.ImageUrl = "/" + imageName;
          imgUserImage.Visible = true;
          AddImageToCache(imageFilePath + imageName);
        catch (Exception ex)
          if (ExceptionHandler.ProcessException(ex, ExceptionPolicy.General, ModuleConfiguration))

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Tim Clark

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